COVID-19 Update - January 2021
Due to the restrictions for social and physical distancing, our clubhouse remains closed to any visitors, but has reopened to limited numbers of members only.
We are well into the planning of our Annual Fall Show, currently scheduled for November 20/21, 2021, which we hope to bring you this year.  All of the hard work by members of our club in the planning and modifications to the format of the show, we had hoped to have in November 2020, have not gone to waste.  We look at this delay, as an opportunity to bring you an even better show in the fall of 2021.
As the status of this pandemic situation changes, we will update our website and Facebook pages to inform you of the status of our upcoming shows and club access.
Please continue to visit this website or our Facebook page for updates.
Thank you to all our loyal followers and visitors for your understanding in this matter.

Some images from our 2019 Spring Open House

Video from a previous Open House